Welcome to our Q & A page.
Although we must charge for our items
our advise and answers are free.

Lots of questions come about during the ordering process.
We also receive phone calls by those who are just in the market for some answers.
We have decided to start publishing some of the unusual as well as the frequently asked questions and the answers in hope someone else may find them helpful.

This page is new so it will take some time to build up the Q & A.

If you have a question feel free to Email Your Question and help us build our Q & A page!

1) Q: How do I tell if I have a Hardtop or a Sedan?
    A: This may seem like a basic and simple answer but it has come to be the most helpful way for us to explain  it to a customer.  "If when your windows are all rolled down you can take your arm and go from the front to  the back without hitting something in between, then you have a Hardtop."

2) Q: When installing the trunk weather strip in a 1955-56-57 does the small thinner edge/lip go on the inside or outside?
A: If you lay the weather strip around the truck edge you may get the impression that it can go either way, however the thin, smaller lip edge goes on the outside.

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