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Chevrolet Memorabilia
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Sales Brochures

$6.00 each

Theses are good quality reproduction
with good clarity and color.


1955 Brochure
Unfolded measurement 14x21
Includes several color photos &
informational sections on mechanics

1956 Brochure
Unfolded measurement is 14x20
Includes several color photos &
informational sections on new models.

1957 Brochure
Unfolded measurement 14x21
Includes several more color
photos with descriptions.
Also has informational section
on "Turbo-glide, a revolutionary
new drive & Super
Turbo-Fire 283, unveiling fuel
injection for 1957!!"

Station Wagon Brochure
Unfolded measurement 18x10







Misc. Manuals, Guides
& Instructional Booklets

(reproductions are noted by red print)
Black print denotes ORIGINALS!

$8.00 Each

....                                                ..

  1953 Guide   1958 Guide   55 Air Conditioning Part 2   55 Air Conditioning Part 1

The following are not pictured but are available.

  Eaton Overhaul   1962 Manual   1952 Manual   1955 Spher. Joint
  Hydrovac Manual   Air-Hydraulic Brakes   Power Glide Trans.Diagnosis   Power Glide Trans



Refreshment Items

Theses are original Chevrolet items
used to serve refreshments for
promotional purposes. They're in
good condition!


Sixty wonderful items
(pink and white)
1955 Items
  Coffee Cup $4.00   Paper Plate $3.00
  Paper Plate $3.00   Napkin $3.00
  Napkin $3.00      
  Spoon (pink) $3.00      


1956 Plate $3.00   60's Chevy Plate $3.00
Chevrolet Spoon (blue) $3.00   Chevrolet Spoon (yellow) $3.00
Chev.Plate (yellow & blue) $3.00   Coffee Cup (red & blue)
has fold out handles