Replacement seatbelts for Classic Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV's, Jeeps, Street Rods, RV's, Amusement Park Rides, Etc.
These belts aren't just limited to the 5-6-7 Chevys. They will fit any year and make.
Belts come in different styles and lengths. Buckles come in two styles.

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Build a Custom Belt
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Seat Belt Extender


Most all 60", 74", & 96" non-retractable, chrome buckle belts
can be shipped same day of order!
No extra fee for special orders and they usually ship in a week!

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*Special and Custom Orders
Please examine the product details closely and order color swatches to be sure you are ordering the product and color you need as Special & Custom Orders will require payment in advance and are non-refundable and non-returnable once the order is placed. Production time can be as long as 3-6 weeks.


FAQ: Will this seat belt fit in my vehicle?
Our seat belts are a universal product and with little or no modification will work in any vehicle. Generally, if you are replacing a seat belt with one of the same style, little or no modification should be necessary. Because our seatbelts are not specific to individual make and model vehicles and are an after market product and because of liability limitations we are not able to offer installation advice and cannot provide compatibility for specific vehicle make and model. When installing a seat belt into a vehicle that previously did not have them or upgrading a vehicle with a different style seat belt, retrofitting may be required. If anchorage points are not present, they must be safely added before installation. All US passenger cars, beginning with 1962 models, have seat belt anchorages for at least two lap belts in the front seat. Since January 1968, vehicle manufacturers have been required to install lap belt anchorages for each front and rear seating position and upper torso belt anchorages at each forward facing outboard seating position. On January 1st. 1972, this same requirement became effective for trucks. In 1986, GM began phasing in 3 point (lap belts with shoulder restraints) for the rear outboard seats of their vehicles and the other major U.S. manufacturers followed suit over the next 3-4 years.

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